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No-Excuse Memphis

Covid-19 Updates

No-Excuse Memphis Families,

"Improvise, adapt and overcome" has taken on a whole new meaning for everyone.  Our prayers and concern for all of you remain constant.   We are in continuous contact with tournament directors, no formal cancellations have been announced.  However, all of them are preparing contingency plans to play later in the summer.  This is a fluid situation, information is changing daily, we will keep you updated with even minor announcements.  The safety of our players will remain our first priority.

We understand how devastating it is for your boys to lose their entire spring season.  With so many things out of control, we hope to bring some direction and some levity to your “at-home” and likely “stir-crazy” boys. 

Stay safe, stay strong, much love,

Kristen and Pat DiMento


Spring Training

*Disclaimer: for parents of younger boys, please know that this is not another thing for you to monitor,  we know you have plenty to do already! We cater the training and accountability by age.  This is something that should be fun for your boys, while encouraging development of skills. 

April 15th we are launching “Spring Training”. 

All players will receive a weekly spreadsheet,  to be submitted to assigned coaches.  

  • Players will choose 3 exercises among 9 categories, to be completed 5 days a week
    1. Conditioning
    2. Agility
    3. Strength
    4. Speed/Sprints
    5. Flexibility
    6. Stick Skills
    7. Lax Skills
    8. Wall Ball
    9. Lacrosse IQ. 
  • There will be dozens of options under each category 
  • Exercises are tailored for “stay at home” restrictions
  • Only registered players will have access to Training pages
  • Coaches will be submitting instructional videos and chat sessions
  • Players will be highlighted and videos posted
  • Contests and prizes will be ongoing!
  • 2025 and above will be assigned an accountability partner 
  • We will also be adding a "Parents Guide to Lacrosse" daily tips and info. 

Coaches have been/are  brainstorming and compiled an incredible and comprehensive amount of development material.  Also, most of it looks like a lot of fun!!

"Improvise, adapt and overcome" 

Mid-America Varsity Champs

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