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Girls Program Defined

No Excuse Girls Lacrosse

Don’t Just Do It- Do It Right!  

“Never mistake activity for achievement” John Wooden



The goal of No Excuse lacrosse is to provide an opportunity and venue for athletes having the talent and desire to compete at a higher level, while creating memorable team experiences that develop player’s character and integrity.  Excellence, sportsmanship, and competitiveness define No Excuse Lacrosse.  Through advanced instruction, both competitive and select teams, we strive to enhance the quality of lacrosse in the mid-south and showcase that quality to the lacrosse community at large.  Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country; we hope to help that growth by continuing to develop quality players right here in Memphis.


No Excuse Lacrosse produce quality teams and players...

We maximize individual talent through an emphasis on team chemistry. We will encourage aggressive, unselfish play offensively and a cohesive defense based on communication with a team-first attitude and clearly defined rolls.


Qualities we are looking for when selecting players…

Simply, players are chosen because they demonstrate qualities that will help their team compete at the highest level possible.  The criteria include, stick-skills, field vision, speed and raw athletic ability.  Players must be coachable, persistent, determined, and have a positive, “team-first” attitude.


Team Selection…

If a player is disappointed in his “non-selection” to either the program as a whole or to the Select teams within the program, we highly encourage that player to work hard, in and off-season and continue to improve her game; the effort will be noticed.  Do not allow Disappointment should never discourage effort, but always fuel determination to improve. 


Now that you've made the team...

For the players selected, hard work and dedication is not only expected but also required.  Never allow ego to get bigger than your game. Remember no matter how talented any player is, “You are only as good as your last game.”   There is always somebody that wants your spot.

Summer 2019 Event Information

UNC Satellite Camp (Nashville); May 31 - June 1 (all ages) Summer Genesis; Hershey, PA; June 8-9 (2022s-2024s)
River City Rivalry; June 15-16 (all ages) Baltimore Training Week; June 10-14 (all ages)
Music City Showcase; June 22-23 (all ages)
Chattanooga Challenge; July 13-14 (all ages)


In sports, in life >> shortcuts get you nowhere!

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